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KD Rubber Wood


ESK Wood Products Sdn. Bhd.是马来西亚一家致力提供领先市场的木材原料供应商,专门供应窑干橡胶木。这些木材适合用于家具制造,所以主要是供应给家具工厂。我们持续优化木厂的运作,提升产量并对木材品质严格把关,尽我们所能满足客户的需求,获得他们的青睐与认可。我们的合作对象数量持续增长中,与客户维持长期稳定的合作关系,成为他们值得信赖的伙伴。

We provide quality rubberwood

ESK Wood Products Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading wood processing companies in Malaysia and specialized in the supply of kiln-dried rubberwood. These woods are the raw materials for furniture manufacturing and mainly supplied to furniture factories. We put in a great deal of effort to optimize our operation, increase the output with an emphasis on the quality of the wood. We strive to fulfill the needs and requirements of our valued clients, and we had gained recognition from them. We maintain a long-term working relationship with a growing number of customers and become their trustworthy partners.







Advantages of rubberwood

– Good quality wood, beautiful texture

– Strong plasticity, easy to process into different types of furniture

– Light in color and easy to stain